i remember the moment.

my youngest daughter and her dad had been admitted to the hospital in critical condition. a matter of life and death. staring at the carpet, the weight of reality pressed deep in my soul, squeezing my heart.

the morning started as usual: a quick walk., the older girls off to school, our littlest snuggled next to her daddy. the scene I left unfolded like most days.

a few minutes into my short commute to work, i realized i’d forgotten something at home. headed back, i mentally checked off tasks to be done while the recent sunday message played through my speakers. normal. expected. ordinary. until i turned down my street and gazed toward my home.

smoke. smoke poured out, seemingly from every window, every nook, every cranny.

my house was on fire, and after what seemed like an eternity, realization knocked the very breath from my lungs. my daughter and her dad were still inside.

a couple of hours later, I stood there in the hospital. fear settled like a heavy cloak, weighing down my shoulders, pressing my soul.

i’d just received news that her daddy’s injuries appeared survivable…but the little girl…my little girl…

the question whispered to my soul: would i trust God? no matter what might happen, would i trust him?

the words began to bubble, forcing their way to my throat, my mouth, until they tumbled out, one after another.

i made a choice that morning. i said yes, no matter what, i would trust him. if she lived, i would trust him. if she died…i would trust him. God is trustworthy, no matter the trouble.

read that again: God is trustworthy, no matter the trouble.

have you ever had a moment like that? perhaps not a house fire, but a moment where you felt, deep in your gut, whether you would trust God regardless of the circumstances unfolding before you?

maybe it was a decision to move across the country to an unknown city. you questioned, you wondered…would you trust him?

or maybe it was waiting for two little lines to appear as you desire to expand your family. hesitantly you look…would you trust him?

or maybe you’re on the receiving end of a diagnosis that’s caught you unprepared, unaware, and very afraid…would you trust him?

or maybe life simply isn’t what you expected, what you planned, how you dreamed…would you trust him?

the question stirs…can he really be trusted with this stuff of life? times when our lives are thrown off kilter, when we can barely breath, barely function.

you hope. you pray. you search Scripture for an anchor, something to cling to.

God is trustworthy, no matter the trouble.

“This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads up through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.” Hebrews 6:19

i said those words that day in the hospital. i declared them. i chose to trust him, no matter what. i’d like to tell you that because of my trust, or because of God’s intervention, my daughter and her daddy lived. her daddy did. my sweet little girl…she did not. my worst fear, that of losing a child, became my reality.

those words I declared in the hallway however, that God is trustworthy, no matter the trouble, anchored my soul. life didn’t get easier. it got harder, a lot harder in the days and months, and even years that followed. as time passed i learned the harder life became, the tighter i clung to God’s promises, the more he revealed just how trustworthy he is.

His faithfulness sustained me.

His mercies were new every morning.

His love knew no bounds.

His tenderness captured each tear that fell.

His presence drew near, moment by moment. breath by breath.

God is trustworthy, no matter the trouble.

whatever you may be facing right now: uncertainty, loss, anxiety…know that God is trustworthy to see us through. we can face our worst nightmares and survive. we can see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. i’m just one example, but i have tasted the sweetness of His word, like honey, soothing my soul even in the midst of devastation. i am one of the redeemed, telling my story…that God is trustworthy, no matter the trouble.

what situation are you facing right now where you need to choose to trust God, no matter the trouble?


09/10/2014 8:05pm

A beautiful reminder that we need to lean on God and trust our hearts, souls and lives to him even when we are hurting and angry. Thank you for sharing your story with us. You are a faithful disciple!

09/10/2014 9:09pm

Thank you for your encouragement, Jelise!

09/10/2014 9:26pm

Kimberly Beautiful words.. Great reminder that we have to trust that he knows and has it all.

09/10/2014 10:59pm

We can face our worst fears and survive. Those words stand out to me & I'm encouraged by you.

09/11/2014 6:29am

I'm walking a road that requires complete trust in a good God, too. I needed this today. Thanks, kim!

09/11/2014 6:59am

Thank you. For writing. For leaning on Him. Your words are a gift to many. Keep writing!

09/11/2014 10:02am

Beautiful writings from a beautiful lady. So glad Jesus connected me to you!

09/12/2014 10:53am

Your words are perfectly placed, Kim...keep sharing...others are growing!

09/21/2014 9:26am

How well I remember that day and how we were alerted to pray. And we leaned into Him and prayed. What a journey you've been on. I'm on one myself, as you know. One I don't want to be on, but I'm thankful God walks these journeys with us and let's us lean ever so hard.

09/30/2014 1:43am

Need to trust God that what is feeling overwhelming to me is underwhelming to Him. Need to keep handing Jesus the reins, and every time I grab them again, re-hand the reins back over. Your words spoke straight to the heart. Thanks.


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