“Higher!” I cried.

“Hold tight!”

Leaning in, my hands grasping his, my dad pushed me up as I balanced my little four-year-old body against his feet. I giggled and he laughed as he stretched his legs as far as they would go.

“I’m flying!” 
I looked down at my dad and saw his smile. It filled every inch of his face and reflected my own.

Suddenly, I twisted.

Nothing shakes the foundation of our lives like experiencing pain. I don’t mean the stub-your-toe-and-a-bad-word-might-slip-out kind. I’m talking about the gut-wrenching, life-altering, never-the-same-again, questioning-all-you-know variety.

The visit to the doctor. The phone call from a parent. The funeral. The discussion with your boss, your spouse, or even your child.